Preparation of insight analysis

Preparation of complex brand researches before the strategy.

Elements: preparation of brand audit, identification of brand values, definition of consumer experience journey, target group segmentation, analysis of product portfolio, conducting primary marketing researches (focus group, in-depth interview, representative surveys), and analysis of existing data and experiences from previous campaigns.

Strategic planning

After designing the brand experience, the formation of the creative concept, which includes the character and tone of the brand, and its key characteristics identified for positioning and differentiation. The standard elements included in the brand model customized for each project are: concept ideas, objectives, values, brand personality and positioning. These represent the basics for the creation of the consumer experience journey, brand image elements, message system, slogans, co-branding solutions or employer branding.

Creation of brand experience

Identification of consumer experience journey contact points, unified planning of channels, and the creation of relevant content strategy. The differentiation is made up of experiences linked together: the “interpretation” of the brand strategy as experiences results in unique and lasting relations with the consumer, which is the driver of demand and brand loyalty. Elements of the process: mapping, analysis and optimization of the consumer experience journey, involvement of employees in the process, implementation and change management, comprehensive organization of internal and external communication regarding the introduction.

Creative planning

Strong brands have similar, well-defined characteristics as humans. Visual appearance, verbal identity, and the way it addresses its environment requires careful planning. Brands appear, talk and behave the way their consumers (even unconsciously) expect them to. It requires creative planning, the elements of which are included in the brand book. Besides the unified image (logo design, visual elements), the “umbrella message” composed in harmony with the values, and the slogan is also part of the central identity. The brand book also serves as an excellent guidelines, which is perfect for the introduction of the brand to newcomers (agencies, new employees).

Brand process management

For the success of the process, it is essential to involve employees and organizational units who have a great influence and to incorporate their ideas and reward their efforts. Therefore in the implementation phase they will meet familiar results, which they can identify with, and thus they will show a much more inclusive attitude towards changes within the organization. In this phase, we assist these processes with recommendations customized for the size of the company, which had proved to work well in organizational development.