About us

  • Kovács-Gajdács János
    Kovács-Gajdács János Managing Partner



    János is a business communicator, graduated from the first class of Hungary’s first professional communication institution, the Budapest School of Communication. After that, he completed the management, corporate governance and crisis communication training of Samling Kft. He spent six years at national magazines with a journalism background (Magyar Nemzet, Nemzeti Sport, Népszava), therefore has an extensive and active range of media relations.

    He has ten years of experience in the field of PR and press relations, and spent two years at a leading communication agency of the region as press relation and communication manager. Throughout his work, he managed global companies such as IBM, Intel, Scania, Saab, or the GE Group’s outsourcing subsidiary, Genpact. As head of communication, he laid the foundations of Masterplast Group Zrt’s communication, and prepared its communication regarding its listing on the stock exchange. His work style is characterized by his strategic way of thinking, reliability and outstanding client orientation.

  • Farkas Máté
    Farkas Máté Partner, Head of Content



    Máté is a communicator and marketing economist, graduated from the Budapest School of Business and the Szent István University, and also spent a semester in the Netherlands with Erasmus scholarship. As communication advisor, he has played an integral part in the organization of branding of successful corporations, such as Continental, Zyxel, Dulux or Starschema.

    Besides his standard tasks within the agency, he is frequently requested to take part in marketing research and strategic planning related projects, within the frame of which he prepared comprehensive brand audits, researches, studies and campaign analyses. He often publishes articles in topic of marketing and branding, and also an active co-author of urban and country branding professional articles. His favourite research field is sports marketing: he shares the latest, pioneer developments on the international market on a monthly basis via domestic professional platforms, and gathers actual experiences in order to promote sports marketing in Hungary.

  • Dr. Papp Váry Árpád
    Dr. Papp Váry Árpád Business Partner



    Árpád is the dean at one of Hungary’s largest private universities, the Budapest Metropolitan University, where he had many times received the “Lecturer of the year” award. Since the foundation of the institution in 2001, he gives lectures in the field of marketing, currently he is the head of the commerce and marketing bachelor’s program, marketing master’s program and digital marketing vocational training. He frequently teaches at universities abroad across Europe. He is the vice-president of Hungarian Marketing Association, and regular lecturer at the National Marketing Conference. His opinion about marketing, advertising and PR is often cited by press and the media.

    Primarily he is an expert in urban branding, but has also been involved in the marketing of products and services such as mineral water, food chain, toothpaste, real estate office, cosmetics, scooter parts, media company, beauty salon, software, travel agency or a club.

    He is the author of five books specifically about branding, the latest was published by the Akadémia publisher with the title “Country image: Competitive identity and image creation”.